6 reasons to book a flight to Mexico

is a hidden treasure. It is not always like they portray it to be on television. Forget what you saw on that movie in your Sydney to Melbourne flights. I am sure you may have seen that same movie on your returning Melbourne to Sydney flights. Movies of
been a country of drugs, violence and other forms of violence does not tell the whole story about this country. To convince, here are six reasons to book a flight to

Beautiful and fascinating culture

From the Oaxaca or the mountains of Jalisco and Chihuahua to the Taxco, Querétaro and Guanajuato,
is a land rich in diverse cultures and traditions. Did I mention the languages?
is home to various languages.
also has a lot of heritage and a lot of stories to tell. A visit to its museums and you will be fascinated.

To enjoy Mexican cuisine

A number of Mexican dishes are quite popular and can be found in almost everywhere. Although you do not have a “Mexican town” like you have a “Chinatown” in most major cities, you will most likely find certain Mexican dishes in most major cities. However, they will most likely taste as good as the ones made in
. This becomes very certain when they are not made by Mexicans. Besides, only popular Mexican dishes are what you will find outside
. There are more to Mexican cuisine besides tacos.

For the near perfect weather

Unlike most areas, the weather is usually friendly almost throughout the year. You do not need to make any special preparation in terms of extra clothing, special clothing and so on. During summer the temperature hardly goes higher than twenty eight degrees. This is cool enough for your holiday. Even during winter it barely goes below twenty degrees. An average individual can still go hiking in the snow.

The people are friendly and welcoming

The locals in
are a joy and an additional treasure the country uses in drawing tourists to itself every year. The locals here are very friendly and welcoming. It is not so hard to find a local willing to give you accommodation for a decent price. They are totally different from what you see on television. They also speak English so you do not have any fear in terms of communication. Eight out of every ten locals you meet will be able to speak English.

Holiday resort for everyone

Every holiday destination usually have what they are most popular for. Mecca and Jerusalem are known for religious and spiritual exercises. Nepal is more popular for adventure, mountaineering and adrenaline pumping activities. Dubai is known for relaxation along with all the luxury and leisure money can buy. Very few destinations have multiple reasons four drawing tourists to them.
is one of them and there is a holiday package for everyone. With lots of beaches, you can relax and sun tan all you want. You can also visit the museums if you are a lover of history and culture. You can also ride buggies in the northern deserts and camp and explore the jungles and mountains in the west.

Budget friendly holiday

The most fascinating thing about visiting
is the fact that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy your stay in
. Even on a very tight budget, you are assured of a very fulfilling holiday that will leave you satisfied.

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