6 Tips to visit Bali on budget

do not have to break the bank to be able to enjoy a nice holiday. There are lots of places that you can go to even on a tight budget. One of those places is Bali. This article will give you six tips to visit Bali on budget.

Use scooters or Blue Bird Taxis for transportation

Unless you are willing to spend money that can amount to the cost of cheap flights to New Zealand on taxis while in Bali, I will suggest that you use the cheap alternative forms of transportation. Scooters are a regular thing here as even female riders are a common sight. It is so regular that you can even rent a scooter yourself and drive yourself about.
can also hail one at a very cheap price as well. If you are not a fan of scooters, they also have the Bali version of Uber as well. Blue Bird Taxis are also an affordable means of transportation.
should however ensure that the name is spelt correctly so as to avoid entering fake taxis.

Eat at a warung and avoid tourist tagged restaurants

This is the Bali form of cafe and they are considered family restaurants. They are very affordable compared to the tourist tags eateries. Unlike most eateries, warungs offer very healthy and delicious food. This is not just your cheap alternative means of eating, this is a place you get very good food for affordable prices. When most people hear the word “cheap” or “affordable” they tend to have a picture of a rundown restaurant. If you are one of those people, you will most likely be disappointed.

should opt for ferries instead of “fast boats” for water travel

It is very rare that you will visit Bali and not be tempted to go on waters. It is more like the rivers will keep calling you till you answer their call. Some people just want to have the experience, others want to even visit the islands. All the same, they just want to sit in something floating in the river. It will be unwise to spend an amount equivalent to what you will spend on flights to Melbourne because you want to visit the sea. Instead of renting a fast boat for a lump sum, you can opt for a ferry and spend far less on your water travels. Ferries even give you the opportunities to meet people unlike when you are using a private boat.

“Homestays” are quite cheap and come with free breakfast

We all love comfort but we may not have the luxury of affording the comfort that we want for ourselves. Most people think of hotels and nice means of accommodation. This is usually because they do not know that other forms of accommodation exists. Unlike hostels, homestays are more like family hotels. To put an icing on the cake, they also give you free breakfast in addition to a comfortable place to lay your head.

Try to blend in to avoid giving yourself off as a tourist

It is hard to not give yourself off as a first timer. The locals will know especially if you are a first timer. Selling yourself out as a tourist means an increase in the prices of goods and services. It will be difficult for you to walk through the streets without breaking a sweat. To help you blend it, start by dressing like the locals. Getting a sarong is a good way to start.

Do not always be eager to spend on things because they look cheap

Looking at things so far, you will agree that things in Bali are quite cheap. This also has a side effect as you may be tempted to buy things you do not need because you feel they are affordable. Do not be quick to purchase that necklace because it was worn on you and the elderly lady claims it looks good on you. Remember, you are traveling on a budget.

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