Budget Travelling-6 tips to discover the world in smart way

you take those flights to Melbourne, here are six tips tips to discover the world in smart way while traveling on a budget. It is all about making proper preparation and having adequate information. You do not need to have a fortune to enjoy your dream holiday. Follow these tips and you will make the most of your holiday with little cash.

Dress like a the locals would

If you want to enjoy your holiday while being smart ( i.e. getting the most of your money), you just have to learn how to blend in with the locals. Your mode of dressing is the best way to start. Try to dress the way the locals dress. I do not mean that you should wear a sarong, no. I mean that you should not dress in a way that gives people the impression of you being a money bag.

Use alternative means of transportation

Jumping on or into taxis all the time is not a smart way to travel on a budget. Taxis should only come in when you are in a hurry and you will hardly be in a hurry if you plan properly. Every area have their alternative means of transportation and you should endeavour to explore them. Buses, trains, boats and so on. As long as it gets you to your destination in one piece and on time without putting a hole in your pocket, it is good enough.

Do not use travel agencies

Travel agencies are individuals or a group of individuals who know how you can get travel related services. They know the various destinations the various airlines fly to. They know the available hotels in most cities as well as the individuals who offer transportation services. They are very useful when you can afford the luxury of using their services. If you are traveling on a budget then it is not a smart thing to do. They will charge you for the services they render as they are not for free.

Travel light and avoid too much luggage

Airlines will charge you extra for carrying a luggage that exceeds their maximum luggage requirement. This means that you are already burning cash and you are yet to begin your journey. Prepare well for your journey by packing your luggage early as well as by booking early. This will help you avoid the extra cost that comes with last minute flights.

Use budget airlines and budget flights

Most often than not, people hardly make use of the services their flight ticket charges them for. This is particular to individuals traveling short distances. Individuals like myself who ar critical of certain foods may not eat the food provided during a two to three hours flight. In this regard, you can make use of budget airlines. These airlines do not issue an all encompassing ticket. They allow you decide what and what not to pay for. You can cut down the cost of your ticket by removing certain services you may not make use of.

Use alternative holiday destinations

You must and should not follow the crowd. Your holiday is not short of what it would be if you decide against traveling to the hot cities during holidays. Most times, you end up saving yourself from the stress that comes with having to stay in a crowded place. People call them alternative holiday destinations, I call them hidden treasures. It does not have to be a tourist destination for it to be a great holiday.

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