Essential things to know before travelling to Egypt

is a land full of things that will make most individuals their travel. This is a land that offers adventure, relaxation and education altogether. You will definitely be beaming with smile while on those cheap flights to Las Vegas after you experience this land of wonders. To make you enjoy your stay, here are some essential things to know before traveling to

Always have water handy and avoid certain clothing

The truth is bitter but it does not change it from being the truth. Tap water in
are not the safest and healthiest waters to drink. In certain areas, it is not even advisable to brush your teeth with the water. This is the more reason why you should always carry your water with you everywhere you go to help you combat dehydration. To also prevent dehydration, avoid wearing thick clothing as well as dark colored clothing. Anything that conserves heat should be avoided during the day.

You will need skin care and protection

is a arid area and this means that the temperature is usually high. Hot areas meant that you will have to contend with the heat, sun and bugs. You should ensure that you go with the necessary skin care items you need. Sun hats, sunglasses, sun screen, bug spray and so on are very important items that should be in your possession wherever you go. Before booking those cheap last minute flights, you should ensure that you have these items in your bag.

Ladies should learn to cover their bodies properly

is strict with the modes of dressing of its people especially women. They believe that only the husband of a woman should see certain parts of her body. This may seem to be too strict for European travelers and tourists but this is the way of life of
ian people. It will not be in your best interest to provoke the locals with your mode of dressing. If you are a woman, try to dress as decent as possible. Avoid cleavage baring attires. Avoid clothes that bare your laps and even your hair as well.

Ramadan is not the best time to travel for a “fun” holiday

Ramadan is a period where Muslim all over the world embark on an abstinence exercise. This is a period of sober reflection and a time to stay away from worldly things.
is a Muslim nation and Ramadan does have a ripple effect on the activities of people staying there during this period. This is not the best time to travel down to
for a holiday filled with “mad fun”. You may end up not enjoying your holiday as your actions may seem against those of the people staying there. You might even have problems getting alcoholic drinks.

You will need your cameras else you will miss out on memories to keep

Taking pictures of certain places is prohibited but you will definitely regret not taking pictures at all after visiting this epic country. This land has a lot to offer and you will need pictures to tell you the story. Try getting a camera or travel with a Smartphone that has a good camera to help you capture those memories.

The traffic can be very crazy

ian drivers prefer to drive without their headlight. According to them, this helps them see better. They will flash it at you whenever they are approaching to notify or warn you. The traffic is a serious work to both drivers and pedestrians. It is advisable that you cross the road in groups. Avoid standing in the middle of the road as cars may drive dangerously past you. You can call a policeman if you need help crossing.

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