Things to do and see in Singapore

is a very beautiful place to visit. Although it is known for being expensive and a destination for people who have high taste, you can actually visit this place for the cost equivalent of cheap flights to Melbourne. To help you out, here are things to do and see in
. These are actually besides shopping and clubbing.

Get closer to nature at the National Orchid Garden

It is not every day you get to see over one thousand orchid species and over two thousand hybrid species cover no less than three hectares of land. This is a great place to relax, get closer to nature and wonder in its awe. Lovers of the green world and flowers will definitely want to have an experience of this place. Who knows? You may end up getting a tutorial on plants, their species and their various characteristics. The scents of the flowers here will remain in your memory when on those Flights to New Zealand.

Experience amazing aquatic life at Sentosa

Sentosa Island was a fortress that was later converted to a military base after the Second World War. These days, it is a combination of a very large aquarium and a museum displaying old tools and weapons of war. You can always visit the aquarium to get a touch of the wildlife and see tons of underwater species live. There are not so many places in the world where you get to experience diverse underwater life first hand, as you will at Sentosa. You can also visit the museum just in case you were wondering what type of weapons were used during the world wars.

Revisit China by visiting Chinatown

It is no news that most cities in the world have a Chinatown and
is no different. Visiting this place will give you the proper Chinese experience. The spas or massage parlors here are top notch. You can also visit the Buddha Tooth Relic temple where claims have it that Buddha’s left canine is kept in a gold stupa. This place is home to number of Chinese heritage. The articles at the Chinatown Heritage Centre includes have stories to tell about this place.

Dazzle yourself at the Jurong Bird Park

One beautiful yet mysterious thing about
is the manner in which it skillfully combines nature, fashion and business together. Most places tend to scatter or space them out, that is not the case with
. In
, most of these places are usually close to each other such that you can visit most of them in a day. Still on nature, you cannot go wrong by visiting the Jarung bird park. This park is the natural habitat to over four hundred species of birds. Some birds thought to be extinct can be found here. This one place will also dazzle you. The thirty-meter high waterfall is the natural home to all these birds. This place is designed to conserve various bird species especially the endangered ones.

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