Top 10 essentials to pack for your next trip

Essentials play major roles that is why you call them essentials. Everything have their essentials, from schools, churches, clubs and even homes. For this article however, here are my top ten essentials to pack for your next trip. You can add other things but do not skip these items as your trip may not be smooth without them.

Necessary travel documents

Your journey from Melbourne to Adelaide will not be smooth if you do not have the necessary travel documents. It is important that your travel documents meet up to requirement. Some countries may require that you get an ETA in addition to your visa and passport.

Credit cards or backup cash

Reward credit cards are best for situations like this. This is because your regular credit card may cause you to incur extra cost for using them abroad. Reward cards on the other hand give you benefits for using them abroad. You can always cash on the hand.

Waist bag or pouch

This can come in handy if you are staying in a “not too safe” accommodation and you need to go out. You can always carry essentials like your documents, credit cards and cash with you wherever you go.

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Reusable or foldable water bottle

A regular traveler knows that carrying a reusable water bottle is essential to carry while traveling. However, it not everyone who knows that there are foldable water bottles. They are reusable and do not consume space.

First aid kits or items

It is important that you visit a doctor before you jump on that Brisbane to Sydney flights. You do not have to pack them into a box, as a dry, plastic bag you can reseal will do. Even when you do not have any allergy or the likes, you should carry certain medications such as analgesics and so on.

Electronics and relevant gadgets

I cannot be certain as to what this should entail. This should be according to your needs or the reason for your trip. This ranges from a headlamp, travel charger, power adapter down to a camera. You alone understand what electronic gadgets fit your needs best.

Toiletries in a toiletry bag

I believe that you already know the importance of toiletries. It is not imaginable to travel without them unless you want to buy them at your travel destination. Besides the regular toiletries, there are some other items you should consider packing too. Sunscreen creams and bug sprays are necessary depending on your travel destination.

Appropriate clothes

Unless you are traveling to places that require them, you should opt for thin clothes over thick ones. Cotton and polyester attires are best for your travels. They contain far less space and are quick to dry. You should understand your travel destination and pick your clothes in line. A sarong fits Bali but is inappropriate for Canada.

Necessary clothing accessories

Just like the case of your clothes, your clothing accessories should also fit the place to which you are going. Hats, scarfs, goggles and sunglasses have places they suit the most.

Books or an eBook reader

Unless you want to bring your gaming console, I usually suggest that you carry a book or an eBook reader. They are very good means of keeping yourself engaged.

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