Top 10 travel cities in the world

you are considering places to visit in terms of cities, here are my top ten travel cities in the world. Not all of them may be that popular but they are definitely worth your time and resources.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The home to Buddha is proving itself to be more than just its religion. Besides the temples here, there are also tons of activities to engage in while you are here. You can also feast your eyes on the works of artisans. You can even find the one you can take home on the cheap flights to Melbourne.

Tokyo, Japan

The recent fashion trend is definitely not leaving Tokyo behind especially with the number of Japanese designers growing steadily. This means that people will also want to keep up with this city. More Michelin restaurants ate now opening here in preparation for the 2020 summer Olympics.
you are not in Tokyo right now, you are wrong.

Dakar, Senegal

Despite the fact that is is usually overlooked by most travelers, this is one of the best places to visit for a holiday especially if you just want to cool off and lazy about. With tons of beaches available, you cannot go wrong.

Dubai, UAE

The city of flashy cars, exotic animals and very high skyscrapers. This is one place that is definitely not leaving the list of places to visit anytime soon. This is the place to visit and enjoy the life of royalty as long as you can afford it. The hotels here offer more than just a place to sleep.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The government of Denmark are making serious effort to restore it to its lost glory. It is even better to visit Copenhagen now as even the most dangerous of places are now friendly neighborhoods. This city is now home to tons of architect works and gardens.

Berlin, Germany

The coolest city in Germany enjoys a steady flow of tourists thanks to its unique scenery and atmosphere.  It also provides you with a rich choice of restaurants, clothes and culture.

New York, USA

The commercial capital of the United States is one place in the world that commands a significant amount of tourist every year and that does not seem like changing anytime soon. With those Italian restaurants, you will not mind spending the equivalent of what you will spend on Melbourne to Sydney flights in a day.

Rome, Italy

The city of Rome is still holding its ground in terms of gathering people to itself. Very few cities can boast of being home to religion and fashion as well as Rome. In Rome, both are a way of life.

Paris, France

Talking about fashion being a way of life, Paris never disappoints. Fashion here is the culture, tradition and language the people here speak. Even their festivals in more of a fashion display than anything else

Shēnzhèn, China

This was not one place you will normally visit if you were considering traveling to China. However, it does not change the fact that it is developing into one of the major mega metropolises in China. The massive hall, the Luohu Commercial City is the shopping haven for most tourist.

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