Top 5 mistakes to avoid for travel vloggers

blogging or vlogging is fast gaining relevance.
s are easier to understand than write-ups. This is why most people are opting for video blogs. To guide you, here are top five mistakes to avoid for travel vloggers. These mistakes are very common as people tend to sometimes see these mistakes as the norm. You should avoid them as they can cause you damage. You may get red eye flight from our website.

Over doing the acting aspect of vlogging

One thing that annoys me about video bloggers in the manner in which they over doctor their videos. It sometimes gets so bad that the video loses its originality. It is annoying to see a vlogger posting videos of a concept and blowing a lot of things out of proportion. Avoid “acting” your videos or over editing them. Your video should be like a flowing river with your statements flowing into each other. Not everything should be about “cut and join”.

Not paying attention to viewer’s feedback

Just like in regular blogs, video blogging works with the opinion of people. You cannot just post and update and allow people to take it hook line and sinker. You should create room for comment and criticism. You should also respond to those comments and criticism. You do not have to reply every single comment. You can start your new video by appreciating individuals who commented on your last update and attend to at least five comments. Try to pick the comments randomly so it does not look doctored.

Getting lost in trends to gain popularity

Trends are happenings that shape the conversation during a period of time. Trends are so compelling such that mentioning them tends to draw people’s attention. You can use trends to your advantage to increase your popularity and gain more followers. I am even a fan of using trends to trend. However, it is important to be careful with how you go about it. It is not every trend you jump on in the name of popularity. You should only jump on trends that are related to your vlog. No matter the trend, you should also stick to your unique style.

Making overly long videos

I like when people take their tine to do things properly. They tend to go into details while doing it. The problem is that not everyone has that time. Your videos should not be too long. Most often than not, the length of your videos determines the size of the file. People watching your videos know this and will be hesitant to watch your videos when the time is over an our. Try to be very precise in your video and ensure to give necessary details.

Inconsistent updating posting of videos

How can you make a video on how get cheap flights to India then it takes you more than six weeks to post another update about cheap international flights? As your followers increases, so also does the expectations they have about you also increases. Logging on to YouTube and not seeing new updates is the best way to lose faithful and loyal viewers.

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