Why you should visit Toronto once in a lifetime?


Toronto Canada is more than a popular rapper and basketball teams. It still baffles me how a place with so much to offer does not get as much attention and visits as it deserves. Maybe this is because people do not know much about this city. I am sure that very few people know that Toronto has three Chinatown. Besides the Chinatown, here are some reasons why you should visit Toronto once in a lifetime.

Visit the Niagara Falls

This is definitely one reason why you need to visit Toronto. There are various ways to visit this place. You can drive there or take a chopper if you can afford it. However, you can take a mist boat. This is the only means that can get you up close and personal. This will definitely wow you.

Enjoy the delicious foods

This probably one thing you should not do if you are on a weight loss program. However, the foods here can be devilishly delicious. Besides, a weekend of eating poutiness will definitely kill you. From the cheese to the poutiness, you are definitely in for a food treat.

Feel the warmth of the locals

You will most likely hear as many languages in a weekend in Toronto that you may have probably ever heard. Notwithstanding, the locals here are very friendly, warm and welcoming. You do not have to worry about them as they will definitely make you enjoy you stay here.

Walk the edge of the CN towers

This was once the highest manmade structures in the word. This place is one of the best places to watch the sun set. Believe me, it is pure bliss. When you walk on a 1.5 meters wide pathway suspended at a whopping 365 meters from the floor, you would understand that twenty meters can seem longer than going from Adelaide to Melbourne or Sydney to Melbourne by air. This is the stuff of the daredevils. From the top, you will get vies of virtually all of Toronto if not Canada. There is also a rotating restaurant where you can dine and relax. The CN tower is not just for daredevils.

Take a walk through the Ripley’s aquarium tunnel

This is similar to walking through water. The only difference is that you do not have to wear anti shark cream or wear an oxygen apparatus to help you. This is a tunnel like aquarium. You can take a walk and watch sharks swim over your head. This is something you are already thinking of. You can also see other various aquatic species such as the sword fish amongst other aquatic fishes. This is the real meaning of “real experience with no risks”.

Very few places beat Toronto in terms of skiing sites

A great part of Canada is covered in ice and Toronto makes up part of those places. There are not so many places with natural ski sites. So ensure that you carry your skiing shoes and gears while packing your luggage.

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