Is Switzerland really worth travel??

much is known about this country that has Germany, France, Italy and Austria on its four borderlines. People even ask the question of “is Switzerland really worth the travel?” Permit this write up to inform, educate, enlighten and convince you on what you are missing.

Get a taste of swiss chocolate

every country has over 21 chocolate factories and I am very positive that you will hardly find a country with a chocolate factory that is over one hundred and fifty years old in terms of operation. With this in mind, you can be assured that Switzerland can satisfy your craving for chocolate if you are a chocolate enthusiast. The feel of chocolate melting in your mouth is second to none.

Enjoy the snowy mountain adventures

The picture of that mountain you see as the logo of paramount pictures was taken here in Switzerland. Yes, that is the picture of the Matterhorn. Switzerland is home to a number of mountains and you can make the most of it by getting up close and personal. Mountain activities include climbing, walking, camping, paragliding and other forms of adventures. These activities and more will definitely meet your quest for adventure. Besides, you can also get to take home postcard worthy pictures that will make you forget that you had a red eye flight coming down here.

Experience the most of public transportation

Funny as it may sound, most European countries do not have the most affordable of public transportation. They are either usually scarce or too expensive. It is sometimes cheaper to own a car, cheaper than cheap flights to India. In Switzerland, it will be quite difficult for you to make a choice. This is because the public transportation system here is top notch. From the trains to buses and trams, you can make your pick of which to use. They cover areas all over the country and are also very punctual and effective.

There’s farm life experience for a little quiet

You are probably wondering if Switzerland is all about “mad fun”. No, there is more to this land than just mad fun. This is one of the few places that takes agro tourism very seriously. There are lots of farmland that specifically serve this particular purpose. This is not just for people who are used to farm life, it is also good for people who want a genuine break from all the noise of urban areas. All you need to do is book a farmhouse and you will get the full farm life experience. Even if you are not used to something like this, it will definitely be worth your time and money.

You do not have to bother about security

There are as much countries all over the world as there are security challenges. So for a country to rank as the seventh safest country in the whole world, you should know that you do not have to worry about issues regarding to safety and security.

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