Top 6 secrets of finding a cheap flight to New York

want to make the most of their money. Working in a place like New York with all its hustling and bustling will make you appreciate the value of money. Despite that, you will still want to relax and take some time off. It does not matter if you are returning to work or going to visit someone, these are the top six secret of finding cheap flights to New York. You should consider them.

Use late night or early morning  flights

Odd hours are the best times to get cheap last minute flights fares to anywhere including New York. The reason is that there will be very few people traveling during this period. Airlines do not like to travel with empty seats and will most likely lower the prices of travel fares during this period to encourage people to travel this period.

Book your tickets at the right time

The same way you are looking for hacks to get cheaper fares to New York is the same way airlines are studying behavioural patterns of people to price air ticket fares to their advantage. Booking flight tickets very early may not be to your advantage as you think. Booking too early may cause you to end up paying the usual price instead of something cheaper. The right time to book your flight ticket is between 3 weeks to two months before your flight in my opinion. It should not be later than three weeks and it should not be earlier than two months.

Book flights during weekdays

Weekends are called “rush hours” for a reason. It is the time when most New Yorkers or people living in New York will always get time off away from work.
use this opportunity to visit family members. Some use it for getaways and other forms of relaxation or recreation. Airlines operating in New York know this and use it to their advantage. Unless you have a very good reason, you should avoid traveling between Fridays and Mondays. Most people will be returning back to New York to work on Mondays. You can get cheaper flight fares from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Travel during off seasons

This is a very good idea but it is not really an option. It will be quite difficult for you working in New York to travel for an holiday during a non-holiday period. It can be helpful however when you are returning from a holiday. It will not kill you to reduce your holiday by a week in a bid to avoid paying a lump sum for your flight fare.

Understand and use travel engines properly

If you have a best bet when it comes to getting cheap flight fares then this is it. Just like your regular search engines, there are search engines dedicated to the purpose of helping you get the prices of flight fares. It does not matter if you are traveling from Sydney to Canberra, Sydney to Brisbane or from Sydney to New York. As long as it pertains to flight fares, travel engines remains your best bet. They will give you the various prices of the various airlines as well as their prices. To make the most out of it, you can even subscribe to their newsletter to enable you get alerts.

Subscribe to suitable affiliate programs

Life is all about competition and the travel industry is no different. In a bid to beat off the competition, they tend to take certain measures. They do a lot of.promotional offers and discounts. To be able to get these types of information first hand, you should try to register with their affiliate programs. With a token, you will get promotional offers, codes and discounts. You will also get rewards for referring someone.

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